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Triad is making a difference in the lives of older adults through community alliances with RSVP, community agencies and businesses, police departments, sheriff’s offices and older adults themselves.


Older Americans today face numerous challenges related to crime prevention, personal safety and community inclusion. The criminal justice system is also facing challenges as more and more communities are experiencing dramatic increases in demands for service, crime prevention, and victim assistance especially due to COVID-19 and unrest in many communities.


This year’s Virtual conference, “Vision 2020: Toward a Safer and Healthier Decade” will bring together older adults, law enforcement officers, community and human service workers, senior housing personnel, and fire and EMS personnel from around the State of Wisconsin. The conference will take place on October 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30th from 10:00 AM  - noon. It is the only conference of its kind in the state.


The goal of this conference is to educate participants on how to stay safe in their neighborhoods and communities by learning how to recognize fraud and scams, staying safe online, recognizing and reporting elder abuse, and learning tactics for aging in place. The conference also serves as an opportunity to educate law aging population.




Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of older adults through education and active participation in statewide programs and projects by partnering with Law Enforcement, Senior Serving Agencies, and Seniors to help reduce criminal victimization of older adults.



Our vision is to:

  • Reduce criminal victimization of older adults
  • Improve the quality of life in our communities
  • Increase the involvement of the community in implementing solutions to problems related to safety and crime
  • Focus attention on the crime-related and safety needs of older adults
  • Enhance delivery of law enforcement services to the older adults of our communities


The Board of Directors consists of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.  The chairperson serves as the statewide  contact person.  Committees are established as needed for any current project.  The board meets quarterly.  Membership is made up of 1) law enforcement representatives, 2) members at large consisting of seniors, and 3) representatives of senior serving agencies.


  • Provide assistance for Wisconsin Triads
  • Improve and expand the Triad web site
  • Formulate a public relations plan
  • Promote the formation of new Triads 
  • Secure needed funding for projects
  • Establish partnerships and working relationships with senior and law enforcement associations and organizations

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Triad of Wisconsin
6501 Watts Road, Suite 250
Madison, Wisconsin 53705

Phone: 608.441.7897


Don’t miss the 18th Annual 2020 Virtual Triad Conference: “Toward a Safer and Healthier Decade.” Registration will begin soon: Check the RSVP of Dane County website for the latest information.  We hope you can attend!!!!

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