2020 conference & expo

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West Madison Triad


Events held at the RSVP Office, 6501 Watts Road, Suite 250, Madison, unless otherwise noted.



Cottage Grove Triad - All programs at Drumlin Residences, 107 E. Reynolds Road, Cottage Grove.



Verona Triad - All programs at the Verona Senior Center, 108 Paoli Street, Verona.


No events are scheduled at this time.



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Triad of Wisconsin
6501 Watts Road, Suite 250
Madison, Wisconsin 53705

Phone: 608.441.7897


Don’t miss the 18th Annual 2020 Virtual Triad Conference: “Toward a Safer and Healthier Decade.” Registration will begin soon: Check the RSVP of Dane County website for the latest information.  We hope you can attend!!!!

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